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What We Do

OLED Lighting is made by ELECTRO-KINETICS LLC,  in Charlottesville, Virginia

We provide custom design solutions to your electronically controlled mechanism needs.

Our strategic alliance with Boyce Products - Automation Division brings custom motorization designs to a finished product.


We work collaboratively with all parties to design and manufacture mechanisms that add automation to your environment, making your life easier and your surroundings more aesthetically pleasing.

Eric Andkjar, the owner of Electro-Kinetics, believes that great design ultimately makes the world a more exciting and enjoyable place. He works with a wholehearted dedication to bringing your ideas to fruition by focusing both on form and function.


Enjoy considering the possibilities and let us know how we can design a motorization solution for you.

All mechanisms, including our typical designs, are custom designed and built to meet your projects needs.

Our custom products include but are not limited to these categories:


  • Projector Lifts

  • Televisions Lifts

  • Picture Frame Lifts

  • Speaker Lifts

  • Table Lifts

  • Pullout Mechanisms

  • Camera Mechanisms

  • Touch Screen Mechanisms

  • Microphone Mechanisms

  • Swivel Mechanisms

  • Drop Down Mechanisms

  • Pivot Down Mechanisms

  • Door Drive Mechanisms

  • Pocket Door Drive Mechanisms

  • Wall Drive Systems

  • Control Panel Mechanism

  • Home Accessibility Mechanisms

  • Art & Sculpture Mechanisms

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